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My Story

I have a long history with jewellery making in various mediums, working exclusively with silver for the past nine years. After a life changing event, I decided to take some time out to learn something new; something just for me. So I enrolled at TAFE in a silversmithing course, where I continue to study new and varied techniques to enhance my jewelry making and design skills.

I’m inspired by everyday things I see...the shape of a leaf, the sheen of a birds wing, the texture of bark on a tree, the luscious colours of the natural world, dewdrops on a blade of grass...So many things to be inspired by and not enough time or room in my brain to capture them all.

Taking the ideas I’ve managed to capture in my mind and on paper, whilst working with the materials at hand; silver, gold, gemstones, enamels, precious objects, with my tools I am able to create unique pieces of art. To create shapes, to move metal, to add texture, adding enamel to bring in vibrant colour to the mix, looking into a gemstone seeing its beauty and working a design to match.

My Process

My jewellery is inspired by the shapes and textures of the natural world, ancient cultures and their art and the amazing colours found in nature.

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